Sneaky Pete

The Most Serious


Registered Name:

DOB 4/30/1994

Born: Born Austin Texas

Disciplines: Western Pleasure

Region 14 JOTR Champion
Region 14 JTR Champion
Showed at Youth Nationals 2008


Favorite color: Green

Favorite snack: Nicker Maker Treats

Every meal is the most important one of the day for you. It's not so exciting when you're on a special diet, grumbles Sneaky Pete, also a bright red chestnut with a large white blaze, but far more serious then Matem.

One again the metal tap. Feed pours into stall 19's feeder. Instead of the rain of oats and corn, it's more like the splat of a bucket full of plain oatmeal.

Soaked beet pulp...yuck! frowns Sneaky Pete.