Of Course Her Name Is Princess


Registered Name: KhemosbayPrincess

Birthday 8/15/1997

Birth place: Magnolia Texas

Favorite color: Red

Favorite snack: Carrot

Guess Who stands up to get a better look. Oh, wow, a baby.

You mean a foal, I'm a foal, not a baby. A filly to be exact, the voice returns.

Great, that's what this place needs. Another sassy girl horse. I'd better get back to my nap.

Wait a minute, young man. A mare's voice comes from the same stall. It's the kindest, softest, most beautiful voice Guess Who has ever heard. He truns around to see a face that matches the voice. Huge, dark, sparkly eyes with long curly eyelashes stare back at him.

My name is Princess, the mare says gently. She leans down to nuzzle her foal, who filps her bushy tail and scurries behind her mother.

Of course it is. What other name could she have?