National Champion Native Costume


Matem +//:

Birthday May 7, 1990 Birth place: Canada

Show Career started in 1993

Disciplines: Driving, Native Costume, English Pleasure and Country English Pleasure.

National Titles: 13 US National Titles 1 Canadian Reserve National Champion

Favorite color: purple

Favorite snack: ANY

Mathem's mind drifts back to his show career and his sparkly maroon and gold native costume. These are his very favorite memories.

The music grows louder. Spotlights dance. Wind rushes into my flared nostrils. Fast at the canter. My tail is floating clear off the ground, and then faster to the gallop. My velvet costume billowing, gold tassels flowing and spinning, adorned with beads and crystals. Horses to my left and horses to my right. You won't pass me. I charge up through my bridle, the bit in my teeth. A true bedouin's delight. The music slows and the lights dim, telling us it's time to line up for inspection.

"Head to tail," the announcer calls out, so everyone watching can see the magnificent costumes and the judges can compare each one.

I've got my place in line. I keep shifting my weight back and forth, resting a back foot, anything to keep from being so nervous. My feet just won't stand still. My heart is racing wildly. I've got to know. Did I win?

"Matem." "Matem."